Basic Bow Setup

Basic Bow Set Up: Perfecting Your Archery Setup with Precision and Care

Discover the ease and efficiency of our Basic Bow Set Up services, designed to ensure that your bow is finely tuned and ready for action. Whether you're a seasoned archer or just starting out, our expert technicians are here to provide personalized attention and expert guidance to meet your needs

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Service Offerings

Mounting of Rest and Sight

Achieve optimal alignment and stability with professional mounting of your rest and sight. Our technicians will carefully position and secure these essential components to enhance your shooting experience.

Installing and Tying in Peep Sight

Enhance your aiming precision with a perfectly installed and securely tied-in peep sight. We'll ensure that your peep sight is positioned correctly and securely attached for consistent and reliable performance.

Putting on Loop

Improve your shooting comfort and consistency with the addition of a loop. Our technicians will expertly install the loop, providing a secure attachment point for your release aid and enhancing your shooting form.

Paper Tuning in the Hooter Shooter

Fine-tune your bow's performance with precise paper tuning in the Hooter Shooter. Our advanced tuning process ensures that your arrow flight is optimized for accuracy and consistency..

Setting Draw Weight

Customize your bow's draw weight to your preferred specifications. Our technicians will adjust the draw weight to your desired level, providing optimal performance and comfort for your shooting style.

Setting Draw Length

Ensure a perfect fit and alignment with expert adjustment of your bow's draw length. We'll carefully set the draw length to match your measurements, maximizing your shooting efficiency and comfort.


Our Basic Bow Set Up services are priced at $50 per hour, with an average set time of 1.5 hours. We believe in providing exceptional value for our customers, ensuring that you receive top-quality service at an affordable rate.

Note: Set up is included at no additional charge if the bow is purchased from us.