String Service

String Service: Optimize Your Bow's Performance with Expert String Installation

Ensure your bow performs at its peak with our professional String Service. Our experienced technicians specialize in installing strings and cables with precision and care, providing you with a reliable and accurate shooting experience.

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Service Offerings

Install Strings and Cables

Trust our skilled technicians to expertly install new strings and cables on your bow. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure a secure and precise installation, maximizing your bow's performance and longevity. The installation cost is $50 plus materials.

Installation Fee for External Purchases

If you've purchased strings and cables elsewhere, we offer installation services for a fee of $75. Our technicians will ensure proper installation and alignment, regardless of the source of the materials.

Paper Tuned on the Hooter Shooter

After installing your new strings and cables, we'll perform a paper tune on the Hooter Shooter. This advanced tuning process ensures that your bow's arrow flight is optimized for accuracy and consistency, giving you confidence in every shot.


Installation of Strings and Cables: $50 plus materials
Installation Fee for External Purchases: $75
Experience the difference that expert string installation can make in your shooting experience.